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BOOKIE Casino Software was brought into the world from a time of involvement, high quality without any preparation and joined by a enormous Swiss-style effort to liven up the reels.

BOOKIE casino software brings your players a magnificent gaming experience, any place and at whatever point they play. Furthermore, we never rest — the most amicable, most exceptionally prepared, master group in the business will be with you 24 hours per day to guarantee the chances are in support of yourself.

Achieve excellence with industry top performers from leading brands

Engage with exceptional and assorted substance gathered from numerous suppliers and equipped by one incorporation, pulling in players across all demographics.

Casino Platform with seamless integration of any third-party product or tool

Work around both player and administrator, BOOKIE casino software operates third-party products seamlessly, featuring protocol for new vendors’ immediate integration.

Streamline acquisition and cross-selling levels with a player-facing, dynamic front-end

Keep an unparalleled perspective on your casino customer facing facade with a high level and simple to-using content administration situation highlighting access rights over all games and commitments.

Expand globally with all currencies and 25 completed translations

Carry more to the gaming with solid localization choices of our casino software including 180 currencies and 25 finished interpretations as default in addition to additional items added upon demand.

Boost player acquisition and retention levels with volume-based bonuses

Manage bonuses, free spins, frequent player points, missions and tournaments using a solitary, bound together casino programming back-end, and gain the bits of knowledge you need with similar reports across all dealers.

Explore the back end of BOOKIE Casino Software

An extraordinary, elite, collaborative casino software back-end for the whole casino activity highlighting consistent administration of all outsider items and devices. Worked for real business and tuned while in the business, each device is planned with a scholastic methodology, industry information, demonstrated qualities and adherence to administrative prerequisites – all assisting you with executing an enhanced marketable strategy.

Startup and grow your own casino brand on your terms and leverage player loyalty and value

Increase player values effectively by featuring the most appropriate titles and using demographic targeting

Highlight the most engaging casino content for your players, using age and gender demographics data. Tune each game with its own principles, limits points and credits using a wizard-driven natural interface of our casino software. Modify branded titles with custom full and short names, portrayals, foundations, thumbnail pictures, extra commitments, customer similarity and domain limitations.

Become memorable and remain memorable with top-to-bottom customization

Take advantage of each connection with custom marking of your whole activity – from mobile pre-loader and lobby design to a unique signup procedure – to accomplish the highest acquisition rate. BOOKIE Casino Software assists you with building a significant and pleasant picture that guarantees players are occupied with your activity and continue to return for more.

Engage in a 1:1 journey with your most valued customers to ensure their loyalty and your ongoing casino business success

Coordinated with each progression of the player lifecycle, our exclusive casino programming deals way planner takes casino securing and maintenance cycles higher than ever. Speak with your players utilizing programmed, nearby instruments – WhatsApp, SMS and social associations boosting stores and maintenance in accordance with your assumptions. Identify the exact moment when players are about to churn and re-target them unequivocally and on schedule by changing the stream with a tick effortlessness.

Accelerate your business performance with volume-based bonuses

Plan your own methodology with industry-driving casino software standards – information exchange, free twists, no store, reload store or assemble custom methodology that is gotten by time-proven routines, with a full confidence over your exposure, turnover requirements, winning caps, and limits. Portion players into gatherings and award them dependent on their worth to your business.

Drive retention levels with a supercharged proprietary Casino Software RTP Control Unit

Maintain long-term excellence in your iGaming Operation with a district RTP Control

Investigate the bits of knowledge and realize what keeps your major parts in the game with our casino software. Know your players better by surveying the whole action from their interactivity and learning the genuine effect of your merchants’ RTP arrangement against the hypothetical qualities. Inspect, fragment, and customize the titles for ideal return and standards for dependability. Target booked missions to specific groups, vendors, countries, and games heightening the credence in fair play.

Track performance of all vendors and adjust marketing campaigns across all channels

See which accomplices are on target to beat their objectives perusing hypothetical returns as they were arrangement for your current circumstance. You’ll have the option to lay out your objectives significantly higher with play-through performance announcing using BOOKIE Casino Software. Realize decisively the beat factor as it as of late happened and work with your substance group on the most suitable instability of your included choice for both existing players and new individuals who have recently joined.

We’ll keep your operation under control with our bot prevention suite

BOOKIE Casino Software uses AI solutions for discrete real players from bots and fraudsters. With exclusive innovation and a profound comprehension of human personal conduct standards, the framework courses out even the most refined bot misrepresentation. With a combination of various apparatuses, we guarantee a zero bogus positive rate keeping hypothetical RTP esteems got and saving the privilege of your dependable players to win in a reasonable and adjusted climate.

Explore the power of real-time data at the right moment with BOOKIE Casino Software

Assess key business metrics and quickly see your performance against the plan

Get a real-time image of your casino business productivity with KPI pointers and quick dashboards. Settle on adroit choices by evaluating exhaustive investigation flawlessly blueprinted for each channel with a drill-down choice to seller level revealing the experiences with a completely clear view on the money initially.

Oversee product segmentation to optimize your marketing spend

Study your demographics and learn game inclinations in detail to draw in explicit gatherings more viably with both receptive and proactive showcasing. Benefit as much as possible from each on location correspondence with our driving casino programming examination toolbox that gives top to bottom answering to each dealer and for all game performances in your business channel.

Establish the churn factor and address it with casino software retention tools

Survey the absolute last minutes in player lifecycle to decide the agitate factor as it happened and address it with appropriate correspondence and receptive showcasing devices of our casino software. . Reward losses, incentivize deposits and send club memberships automatically or executed selectively raising the constancy inside your iGaming people group. Develop your image on an establishment of trust and extend your relationship with your players from the very beginning.

Account Management

BOOKIE casino programming gives the most elevated need to our specialized and client care administration. Notwithstanding our day in and day out help-work area, you will be relegated an accomplished record administrator who will work intimately with your organization from the earliest starting point to realize the business capability of our association.

Disaster Recovery

BOOKIE casino software debacle recuperation is a cutting edge, ironclad cloud foundation worked by our industry-driving, expert team. In case of a debacle that could abruptly compromise your activity, a fail over cluster in a different location will be up and running instantly.

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